VERSA Welcomes Mining Company to Growing Client Base

versa relocation stillwater mining

VERSA Relocation is excited to announce the addition of a new mineral and mining organization to its portfolio.  This unique industry adds to VERSA’s diverse portfolio of clients.  This client operates a very large mining facility and is growing its employee population at a rapid rate.

With few internal resources to handle their growing relocation needs, this client was looking for a resource that could step in and assist with policy development and implementation and provide day-to-day relocation support to their mobile workforce.  This client will depend on VERSA for full relocation services and employee assistance during the relocation process.

“It’s fun to have the opportunity to help a company that really needs a solution to meet the needs of their business and allow them to focus on their core job functions,” said David Bradstreet, National Director for VERSA Relocation.  “Focusing on the customer experience for our clients and their people is what we, as a team, excel at. We are excited to have the opportunity to assist this client.”

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