VERSA Announces Addition of Global Plastics Company Business

(COPPELL, TEXAS – JULY 2017) VERSA Relocation is excited to announce a new client to its portfolio – a Houston-based global plastics company with operations on three continents. In addition to typical relocation volume, the client is relocating several high profile C-level employees from locations in the Middle East, U.S. and Europe.  Previously managed in-house, the company was seeking an outsourced relocation management partner with high-touch and high-quality global capabilities.

“This is an exciting win that taps into VERSA’s ability to manage a high quality relocation across the globe,” said David Bradstreet, Director of International Sales. “We are very pleased that the client has entrusted their C-level transferees to our team and that they recognized we will take exceptional care of them.”

The client recognized VERSA’s unique value offering as a mid-sized Relocation Management Company, able to be uniquely flexible and responsive, yet capable of global service delivery.

About VERSA Relocation

VERSA Relocation, Inc. assists clients with moving employees across the country and around the world. We listen to what clients need and design exceptional programs from an array of relocation services. Aside from being top-notch listeners, we are experts on policy review and design, best-in-class practices, on identifying challenges and unique problems, and working with clients to develop inventive and intelligent solutions. VERSA is one of four companies under the banner of international household goods mover Daryl Flood, Inc. This means two things: VERSA is backed by a financially sound and organizationally constant company – and one with a deep understanding of mobility needs. To find out more about our company, please visit our website at

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