4 things to consider when choosing an RMC

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Relocation Management Company

Regardless of industry, choosing the right service provider is critical for business success. These days, a provider must go beyond providing a service or commodity and show the true value in their partnership. Therefore, it is worth spending adequate time choosing the right company to do business with.

You may be searching for a Relocation Management Company (RMC) to provide relocation services for your employees. Perhaps this is your first time evaluating an RMC, or maybe you are unhappy with your current provider and looking to make a change. No matter your situation, consider these four points to help guide your decision making:


  1. Cultural fit – Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when evaluating an RMC is cultural fit. How the prospective company conducts business is important when picturing the viability of the partnership. The values of your company should be congruent with those of the company you do business with. This is especially important in relocation management, when your employees are undergoing a stressful time in their life and will rely heavily on relocation consultants for support and empathy.


  1. Service level and quality – Quality should always be a central component of supplier evaluations. Typically, RMCs gather quality scores from relocating employees to assess the performance of their internal employees, as well as external vendors, such as temporary housing facilities and real estate agents. Ask to review those quality scores to get great insight into the experience other clients are receiving. In addition to quality, ask about the level of service your transferees will receive. Prospective RMCs should outline a standard operating procedure for a relocation and what the experience will be like for the employee. For example, is there 24/7 support for the transferee? What level of consulting will be provided?


  1. Client testimonials and case studies – Most RMCs will have client testimonials readily available on their website. It is important to read through those carefully and take note of anything (good or bad) that stands out. In fact, we encourage you to take a step further by reaching out to people posting testimonials to gain more insight into what is like working with that RMC. Ask for case studies to clarify how the RMC specifically helped other clients address issues. Ask the prospective RMC if they can provide a case study for a company with pain points similar to yours. This information will help you get an in-depth look at what results you might expect working with that service provider.


  1. Flexibility of program offerings – It is important for your RMC partner to understand that one size does not fit all. Each company is unique, so their relocation program should be, too. Ideally, you should have the ability to craft a program based on the depth of your relocation offerings and which services are necessary for your company. However, not all relocation service providers offer this type of program flexibility. Be sure to ask whether you are buying a one size fits all package, or if the program will be tailored to your unique business needs.


Evaluating a service provider is critical for your business success. Taking cultural fit, quality, client testimonials and flexibility into consideration will help you make the best decision when choosing which RMC partner is right for your company.


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Restaurant Employees

VERSA Welcomes National Restaurant Chain to Portfolio

(COPPELL, TEXAS – July 31, 2018) The VERSA Relocation team is excited to announce the addition of a new client that operates a national fine dining restaurant chain in all major U.S. metropolitan markets.  This client, headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth marketplace, is growing rapidly, both organically and by recent acquisition.  This client needed a relocation partner that could grow with their increasing relocation needs; providing policy consultation, structured relocation program guidelines, as well as the opportunity to deliver a better overall relocation experience for their employees.


“This client is a perfect fit for both parties and we are thrilled that they have trusted us to serve their employees.” said Cindy Salter, Senior Director of Relocation Services for VERSA Relocation.  “The VERSA team has a passion for providing excellent service to all of our clients. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with a premiere restaurant operation.  As this organization grows, so will VERSA – taking the ride together will be fun!”

RMC Right Fit

Choosing an RMC: It’s All About Fit

Relocation is a tricky, complex and costly process for an organization.  That is why so many companies outsource their relocation needs to Relocation Management Companies (RMCs), as opposed to managing the process in-house.

Choosing an RMC that is the best one for your organization can be an equally cumbersome and complex process.  In most cases, it all comes down to fit.  But, choosing an RMC that is the right fit for your organization can be difficult when trying to compare apples to apples.  That it because there are no two RMCs that are alike.


All RMCs Are Not Created Equal

There are many choices when it comes to RMCs, and one size definitely does not necessarily fit all.  So, while most RMCs offer core services that might look the same on paper, the way that they carry them out can differ considerably.  Each RMC has specific strengths as well as certain limitations, so it is essential to choose an RMC that best aligns with your organization’s business goals.


Finding the Right Fit

How do you determine which RMC will be the right fit for your organization?  You need to be able to see and experience the company culture of the RMCs under consideration.  So, don’t utilize an RFP (Request For Proposal) process; conduct site visits to the RMCs instead.  This is a far more effective way of gaining valuable insight into how an RMC really operates.  You will also have access to the people who will be interacting with your relocating employees, and you can witness first-hand how they conduct themselves.  Spending time onsite will give you the best idea as to whether or not an RMC is the right fit for your organization.

The problem with RFPs, is that they force you to rely on the accuracy of the information provided by the participant, instead of allowing you to see the company through your own eyes.  Additionally, RFPs are very impersonal, overly complicated, and quite costly and time-consuming to both parties.


What to look for in an RMC

Obviously, you don’t want to overpay for services, or pay for services that you don’t really need.  You also don’t want to sacrifice personal attention.  So, when choosing an RMC, you should choose one with a service model approach that resembles your own.  That means that the RMC needs to be a true partner to your organization and needs to fully understand your objectives.  That will help to ensure the success of your company’s global mobility program.

Here are some key considerations when choosing an RMC:

  • What are the core competencies of the RMC?
  • Does the RMC have domestic and international capabilities?
  • What is the reputation of the RMC within the industry?
  • What is the RMCs company culture?
  • Does the RMC offer the flexibility you need?
  • How does the RMC choose their suppliers and service partners?


Is it time to make a change?

Having the right RMC can make or break an organization’s global mobility program.  For that reason, we recommend reviewing your company’s program needs on a regular basis, along with the quality and level of service you are receiving from your RMC.  Are your needs still being met?  If not, it might be time to make a change.

Don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole, because your global mobility program could suffer as a result.  And if your program suffers, it could negatively impact employee recruitment and retention.  Ultimately, as your global mobility needs change, you need to have an RMC that has the flexibility to change and grow with you.


VERSA’s Client Service Model

Ideally, you should work with an RMC that is looking out for the best interests of your organization and your relocating employees.  At VERSA Relocation, we pride ourselves in providing a very flexible, hands-on approach that is based on the unique needs of each of our clients.

We know that having the right fit is everything.  So, let us work with you to design a program that is the right fit for the needs of your organization.

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