Pre-Decision Services


We’re always open to listening to what will help you build the workforce you need so that you can make the best decisions when considering new candidates. We also offer area orientation, handle travel arrangements and make it easier to manage relocation spend and track expenses with the right technology interface. Our services include:

Candidate Assistance
We can help you assess your potential candidate’s needs, provide consultation directly to a candidate, determine travel and area tours, and set up destination counseling. We can also provide you with a detailed overview of our consultation with your candidate to determine if there is a mutually beneficial opportunity. (Services to request include Candidate Needs Assessments, Candidate Consultations, Travel Services and Area Tours.)

Travel Management
Our strong relationships with top travel providers help us set convenient and cost-competitive airline, hotel and rental car accommodations, including transportation services to and from the airport. And we’re always ready to set up tracking and reporting for your program travel expenses.

Area Orientation
The more your candidate understands about the new location, commute times, and the community, the better decision he/she can make. We can coordinate a customized, comprehensive tour of communities and neighborhoods, and address such requirements as shopping options, medical facilities, places of worship, schools, and community activities. Our Area Orientation services also can assist your company with offer acceptance rates.

Candidate Expense Management
We realize that travel and candidate expense tracking can be time consuming for the employer, so VERSA offers services to provide the tracking, detail and reimbursements on candidate travel. Receiving direct billing through our providers for services to a candidate who may have out-of-pocket expenses during travel, we audit, approve, track and provide timely payments. This takes the burden off of the employee, and your administrative challenges are reduced with comprehensive client reporting.