Peak Season and What That Means for You and Your Employees

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We’ve all heard the term “peak season” as it relates to relocation, but what exactly does that mean for you and your transferring employees?  Simply put, it means that there will be more people moving during this time than during other times of the year.  So, you need to be aware of this increase in demand, and the challenges it can bring.

But, never fear, with all challenges come practical solutions!  And, since peak season is just around the corner, here are some of the key things you and your transferring employees need to know.


When is peak season?

Generally speaking, peak season for relocation is the time period from May through September.  Historically, these are the months when the majority of people in the U.S. tend to move, with June, July and August seeing the most activity.  This is because those are the months when kids are typically out of school for the summer.  And, summertime has long been considered the most ideal time of year to move for that very reason.

So, if your employees will be relocating during peak season, it’s important to know what challenges they might face due to the higher demand for movers.


Challenges and solutions during peak season

One of the biggest challenges for employees who are moving during peak season, is being able to schedule their move so that it fits perfectly within their desired timeframe.  To best accommodate that, we suggest starting the process as soon as possible and booking the mover several weeks in advance.

Since so many people are moving at the same time, they are all competing for the most popular days and times for their moves.  Everyone wants a morning time slot, so those tend to book up first.  Likewise, most people want to move on the weekend, so those days are more difficult to come by.  Because there is often less time to plan and schedule a move, it helps if the employee can be more flexible in terms of the day and time.

Demand can also be higher at the beginning and the end of the month, so it can be better for your employees to try and schedule their moves for the middle of the month.  That’s not to say that it won’t also be busy, but there may be more options available on the mover’s schedule.


Importance of planning ahead

Planning ahead is always important with every relocation, but it is even more critical during peak season.  So, the sooner a move can be booked, the better.

For an employee who is selling a home, it is best to schedule their move as soon as they have a confirmed closing date for their real estate transaction.  And, if that date changes, they need to contact the mover right away to reschedule.

Planning ahead also means staying organized and planning for the unexpected.  Plan A might be the desired scenario for a transferee, but they also need to have a Plan B ready to execute.  This is where flexibility often comes into play.  It allows transferring employees to swiftly move from Plan A to Plan B if necessary.


Managing expectations

Managing expectation goes a long way in ensuring a positive experience for you and your transferees.  That’s why it is important to let them know upfront about any and all challenges they might face when moving during peak season.

We all know that relocation is stressful enough without the addition of unexpected curve balls.  So, always make sure that your transferees’ expectations are both realistic and achievable.  And, if anything changes, which is often the case in relocation, it is important to help your employees remain calm, and relo on.

This is best accomplished by frequently communicating with your transferees during every step of the relocation process.  That gives them the comfort and guidance that they need, while minimizing the potential for the escalation of any issues that could arise along the way.


Additional recommendations

The goal is always to make relocation easier on your employees.  So, when they are moving during peak season and you are aware of the challenges they might face, it is critical for you to know that there are always viable solutions.

This is why you should only entrust your transferees and their moves to reputable relocation professionals.  You need to rest assured that your transferees are being expertly guided through the process, and that they will have all of the tools and information that they need when they need it.  It all starts with having a solid move plan in place, and experts who know how to handle much more than the heavy lifting.


Do you have questions about relocating during peak season (or non-peak season)? If so, please contact VERSA anytime.  We are always here to assist you!

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