Katherine Koralewski

Katherine Koralewski
Director of Marketing
VERSA Relocation, Inc. & Daryl Flood, Inc.

Katherine possesses over 15 years of marketing and management experience. She began her career as a Marketing and Public Relations Assistant for the Infinity Broadcasting radio network in Dallas, Texas. In 2007, she joined Daryl Flood, Inc. as a Marketing Assistant. During her tenure at Daryl Flood, she has expanded her skillset in both traditional and digital marketing mediums while advancing into management roles.

Currently, Katherine is the Director of Marketing and is responsible for overseeing the marketing department, developing the marketing strategy, reporting key performance indicators and effectively executing the marketing plan within budget. She successfully manages a team of specialists and outside vendors to execute the marketing objectives and initiatives for the full suite of Daryl Flood brands. Under her leadership, the company has seen year after year growth in lead generation while improving the return on investment of marketing outlay.

Katherine has served on the Digital Media Team and various marketing panels for UniGroup, Inc., offering her expertise for marketing solutions in the digital space and presenting ideas to their Board of Directors. Katherine has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising and a Minor in Marketing from the University of North Texas.