International Assignment Services

international assignment services

We’ve listened to our global clients, and we know their growth is reliant on expansion in existing markets, or on building a footprint in a new market. That’s a complex undertaking at a time when borders are tightening; local requirements, hiring laws and regulations must be followed; and housing and infrastructure elements, like travel, can be inconsistent country-to-country. Having a partner to expand one’s reach and capabilities is essential. VERSA can help assignees and their families transition into new locations for long- or short-term assignments, or support your extended business travelers. We can customize your program for unique requirements, stay within your policy guidelines, and coordinate services through our exceptional global network of partners. We’ve provided an overview of our services below. For more information, send us a suggestion about your international assignment needs.

Area Orientation
Global assignments can be daunting to the employee and family, and when there is a language barrier, too, area orientation is even more challenging. The more your candidate understands about the new location, commute times, and the community, the better decision he/she can make. We can coordinate a customized, comprehensive tour of communities and neighborhoods, and address such requirements as shopping options, medical facilities, places of worship, schools, and community activities. Our Area Orientation services team also can assist your company with offer acceptance rates.

Rental Assistance
We work within your policy through our select group of trusted partners, showing properties that match the parameters needed. Once you’ve identified the right property, our partners work on your employees’ behalf to negotiate the best lease terms. Additional rental assistance is available to candidates and transferees through our network of providers and is fee-based. If a situation arises where a lease must be broken, VERSA will act on behalf of the transferee, assisting with landlord communication and negotiation.

It can be frustrating for your employee to navigate the many tasks that arise during a global assignment. In an unfamiliar country, it’s even more challenging. Whether assistance is needed with local registrations, driving information, shopping, medical options, special interests or school registration, our customized Settling-In Services will help your employees and their families acclimate quickly and comfortably in the new location.

School Search
Our School Search program is designed to provide relocating families with information about local public and private schools in their new country. Your employee will be provided with performance statistics, enrollment procedures and school contact information. We also arrange guided school visits, if needed.

Language Training
VERSA offers language training for your employee, or your employee and their family, through a network of leading language firms, with a variety of options: classroom setting, private lessons, self-study and online.

Cross-Cultural Training
Cultural training can help alleviate the culture shock that comes with a new location, and offers additional support to your assignees and their families as they assimilate into their new region. VERSA offers customizable programs in the home and host location that aid in learning local customs and expectations to facilitate successful adaptation to the new location.

Household Goods Moving
FIDI/FAIM is the internationally recognized gold standard for quality in the international moving industry, and VERSA’s partnership with a FIDI/FAIM certified international relocation provider demonstrates our care for your employees and their belongings. International moving and storage services can be managed to and from anywhere in the world. Forwarding services are provided in-house, and customer service can be provided in multiple languages.

Expense Management
Our top-rated technology interface is your support system for relocation expense tracking, gross-up and operating systems. This comprehensive expense management system allows us to offer a variety of expense tracking and reporting solutions to manage your international assignment expenses, such as: home lease payments, utilities, education tuition, allowances, and all items needed for international tracking.

Travel Management
Our strong relationships with top travel providers help us set convenient and cost-competitive airline, hotel and rental car accommodations, including transportation services to and from the airport. And we’re always ready to set up tracking and reporting for your program travel expenses.

Property Management
When your employees are far from home, they want to know that their residences are well cared for. Our team can coordinate both the financial and administrative management of your global assignee’s home country property. VERSA Relocation will help maintain and provide cost-effective programs to help manage lease payments, 24/7 maintenance, and repair and emergency services. Additional services offered per client policy include routine internal and external inspections, utility tracking and reporting, and maid service for move-out inspections.