How to Make Corporate Relocation Easier for Your Employees

Corporate Relocation Easier

Employee relocation is a reality for an incredible number of companies. Whether you’re sending an employee to provide service, advocacy, sales, product support or for some other reason, it is essential that you have a plan in place to make the process easier on them. What should you know about making relocation simpler for employees?

Rental Assistance

For both domestic and international relocations, housing is a significant need. Rental assistance provided by an experienced relocation company can go a long way toward simplifying the process for your employee and his or her family. An established firm will have a robust network of rental properties in place, as well as contacts in the local real estate industry to help ensure the right housing is provided for your employee’s needs.

Travel Management

Getting from point A to point B can be an immense challenge for most employees during relocation. The right partner can provide a range of travel management solutions to simplify matters, from arranging for plane tickets to rental cars to rental or temporary accommodations in their destination.

Provide Assistance Programs

Employers should provide at least some form of assistance for employees during relocation. This can range from providing lump sums for travel costs (tickets, rental cars, etc.) to arranging for a local guide at the destination to help the employee get to know the area. The more assistance you can provide, the faster your employee can come to grips with the situation and become acclimated to the new city.

Plan Ahead

One of the most important ways to simplify the relocation process is to have a solid plan in place well before your employee relocates. Run down the process with the individual and let him or her ask questions. Explain how each stage of the relocation process will work and what is expected of the employee.

Help with Moving

If your employee is moving for a long duration or permanently, they will have to move their household. This can be an enormous strain. Employers can make it simpler by providing moving services to help get household goods and furnishings from the old house to the new one. Providing storage for possessions that either don’t need to move or for which there will be no room in the new location is also an important consideration.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can make relocation simpler for your employees. The most important consideration is that you work with a reputable relocation expert.

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