How HR Technology is Improving Global Mobility

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It’s impossible to ignore the many ways in which technology is continually reshaping our lives and the ways that we do business.  And one thing is for certain, technology is anything but stagnant.  So, it’s critically important for organizations to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations, and leverage technology in ways that can improve their internal processes.

In the context of global mobility, HR technology can help HR departments manage their organization’s global mobility programs more efficiently.  At the same time, HR can utilize technology to create a better customer experience for their relocating employees.

Today, companies are using everything from digital portals to mobile apps to make cumbersome, complex processes easier and more transparent for all who use them.

Let’s take a look at some of the top HR technology trends being used today.


HR Technology Trends

According to an article entitled: “What to Expect: Top 2019 HR Tech Trends,” published by SHRM in January, some of the top trends include a growing adoption of “nudge-based” technology designed to encourage productive employee behaviors, and increased use of specialized technology systems.

The referenced “nudge-based” technology is similar to the notifications that people might receive when wearing an Apple watch.  For example, a person who wears an Apple watch might receive a reminder to stand up if they have been seated for an entire hour without standing.

Likewise, similar technology and apps are available and currently in use by HR departments, that “nudge” or encourage an employee who has been staring at a computer screen for a long period of time to get up and take a short break or a walk.

The article goes on to say that organizations will also continue to transition their core HR systems to the cloud and employ more AI-driven technologies to automate communication between HR and employees.

In terms of the global mobility function, being able to encourage productive employee behaviors, while automating communication between all of the parties involved in the process, can be a win-win for both HR and the employee.


Choosing the Right Tech Tools for Your Organization

As the field of available tech tools continues to grow, choosing the best ones for your organization can be more than a little confusing and overwhelming.  Our recommendation is to carefully evaluate your internal processes and to look at which functions could be more efficiently managed through digital automation, or could benefit from improved ease of use.

This could include tech tools that are geared towards improving communication, recruitment, performance management, cost/expense tracking and management, and every aspect of the relocation process, all while providing better data and analytics.


Tech and Innovation are Where the Rubber Meets the Road

And while technology is often a big-ticket item for any department, ideally the cost should be offset by its ability to significantly streamline processes and create greater efficiencies for HR departments, as well as an organization’s global mobility program. So, when looking at investing in new technology, you also have to look at the cost-effectiveness of its use.

Also, when new technology is effectively implemented, it can provide greater employee engagement, and improve upon the relocating employee’s overall experience.  So, we like to say that technology and innovation are where the rubber meets the road.

Through the use of simple innovations such as online portals and digital repositories of information, multiple users and systems can easily connect with one another, share and have access to vital information, and improve upon the delivery of relocation services and solutions.

And, in most cases, users have the added convenience of being able to access the information they need, or enter necessary data at any time, from anywhere, from any device.


Improved Employee Experience

In today’s business environment, it is all about the customer experience.  The same is true for companies and organizations with a global workforce.  They have to ensure that their employees, which are their internal customers, are well taken care of during the relocation process.  This means that all aspects of their relocation – before, during and after – have to be expertly managed every step of the way.

Whether your organization manages your global mobility program inhouse, or you outsource it to a Relocation Management Company (RMC), making sure that your employees have an exceptional relocation experience is more critical today than ever before.

When employees have a good relocation experience, they are far less likely to leave the organization following a move. This goes a long way in terms of employee retention, and the overarching development of a successful talent management and talent mobility strategy for an organization.


Would you like more information about how HR technology can improve your global mobility program? If so, please contact VERSA anytime.  We are always here to assist you!

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