Corporate Relocation: Five Hidden Issues

versa relocation corporate relocation

Corporate relocation is a complicated process. There are many things you must consider when making a move. The moving process requires you to find a new place to call home, to get adjusted to your new environment, to master a new job/position, and to rebuild your social support network. All of this must be done at the same time.

Challenges to Relocation

  1. The Housing Market
    One of the biggest problems in relocating is the condition of the current housing market. Sometimes, it hits just right and there’s a happy balance. However, other times, it’s either a buyer’s market- meaning that houses are going for way less than valued (which is good for purchasing a home) or a seller’s market- meaning homes are going for their value or even higher in some cases. Either way, fluctuations in the housing market can make it difficult to sell a home in your old location or find a home in your new one.
  2. Finding a Job for your Spouse

These days, many families thrive on two incomes. What will while your spouse is looking for a job? This process should be started in advance of the move, at least to get a feel for the job market.

  1. Helping Children Adjust to the Move
    If you have children, adjusting to the move can be a major challenge for them. Most children do not like the idea of leaving their old friends behind and having to make new ones. However, with today’s technology, you can make this easier by helping them keep in touch with their old friends.
  2. Understanding your Company’s Relocation Policy
    Many times your company will offer relocation services to help you with your move. Many will even offer services such as assistance with finding a new home, getting your vehicles from your current home to your new one, selling/buying a home, assistance with rental property information and even assistance in finding employment leads for your spouse in the new city. On the other hand, if your company does not offer this type of assistance, it does not hurt to try to negotiate some services. After all, they want you to move, you are not choosing to.
  3. Getting Acquainted with your New Surroundings
    If at all possible, visit the area you are being relocated to so that you can become familiar with it. Research the cost of living in various areas of the city. Consider renting so that you can get to know a particular neighborhood before making a long-term commitment.

Moving can be a big deal- especially if it is not something you chose on your own. When your job decides to relocate you for a new or better position, you should consider these things in order to make the process a smoother one.

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