Consulting Services


Our consulting services benefit our clients in the areas of talent acquisition and cost containment. We work with companies of all sizes and market sectors, and these services help us work with you to customize and design a streamlined relocation process which impacts positively on employee satisfaction. We can tailor our consultation to any level of need for assistance and policy development services.

Policy Review and Development
Policy development and revision is a process we integrate for many clients. Whether you need to develop a policy from the ground up, or want to refresh an existing one, we can work with you to create or update policies that align with current market trends, ensure that you remain competitive and that fit your company’s business and budgetary goals.

Program Development
We understand that your program is a reflection of your company culture and business goals. We have creative concepts and innovative solutions to help you refine or enhance your program, attract talent, define cost allocations, and move employees where they need to be, when they need to be there.

You want to be certain your program is competitive in the industry, and we can help you with targeted benchmarking and comparisons that showyou how you compare to similar organizations of your size and in your industry. Our review includes recommendations and suggested best practices you can incorporate for a solid, comprehensive program, tailored to your needs and the talent you wish to attract.