CASE STUDY: Relocation Management for Higher Education

versa relocation utsw case study

Client Profile: Medical Institution | Dallas, TX


Client Overview: The client was utilizing their purchasing department for the procurement of household goods relocations through a three-bid system. Pricing was dictated by the E&I Cooperative Services contract. Purchasing was being utilized as a subject matter expert and problem solver for relocation issues and needs. Incoming faculty members were receiving minimal relocation support and unsatisfactory service on household goods moves, which resulted in a poor first impression of the university and an underwhelming relocation experience.


Client Need: The lack of a formal relocation policy or internal processes to standardize what services could be formally provided to relocating employees in a tiered system created a challenge for employees and providers alike. Relocation amounts were arbitrary and negotiated with the employee as one-off transactions during the hiring process. This resulted in the client potentially overcompensating employees for relocation expenses and, at times, not providing services necessary for the faculty member to relocate successfully. The client had multiple suppliers in the relocation process, which made it difficult to track and budget relocation expenses. The client also needed assistance transferring the relocation function from their purchasing department to the university human resources department.


How VERSA Helped: We assisted the client with the development of a formal relocation policy that was consistent throughout the organization, competitive in their industry and fair to the employee and the client. The policy was developed to provide a relocation allowance to better fit the budgetary and procedural needs of the client, and deliver adequate funds for the individual employee’s specific relocation needs. We helped to administer the relocation reimbursement allowance, drive accurate relocation reporting and played an integral role in ensuring that each faculty member received an excellent relocation experience. VERSA Relocation, as an E&I supplier, was able to provide a full-service relocation experience and ensure consistent quality of service through our network of trusted providers, eliminating the need for the employee to “shop around” for multiple service options.


Results: Formalizing a relocation policy resulted in an overall reduction in relocation spend by an estimated 15%, due the adoption of a need-based relocation allowance, which contained costs while delivering a relocation experience to the employee that provided a positive first impression of the university and its staff. Responsibility for relocation was shifted to the human resources department, which allowed for closer oversight of the relocation process and on boarding of new faculty members. VERSA’s relocation management program and the involvement of our team members reduced the overall administrative burden and the tedious process of each department administering relocation services.

The cost saving results achieved in the relocation allowance program were allocated to relocation administrative assistance, tracking of all relocation expenses, and detailed reporting based on the individual employee and the overall program. The single-source relocation solution increased employee satisfaction, provided consistent service and delivered an overall level of accountability that previously did not exist within the university.


Key Services Requested:

  • Relocation Consultation
  • Expense Management
  • Household Goods Mgmt.
  • Temporary Housing
  • Travel Management
  • Area Orientation
  • Rental Assistance
  • Lump Sum Assistance



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